Trading signals
Free MT4 Expert Advisor This tool is essential for my trading. It shows me my current performance (Year / Month / Week / Day) and open drawdown. In addition I have many Button to manage my open positions such as: – Setting a take profit to all open trades – […]

Free MT4 Expert Advisor – Multipurpose console

I was inspired by the crime series of Dexter Morgan. He is a cold killer, with no emotion. Very scrupulous and careful to every detail.

Why the name Dexter ?

I’m a good programmer, I can code many languages, and I tried to code my strategy into an Expert Advisor. The expert can do 95% of the job, this is true, but without that 5% of my discretionary intervention it’s difficult to have good and steady performances. For this reason […]

What I can do for you

I’m a business man, born in Italy 1982. I had different industries in my life. When I was 18 I opened an internet company with a good return, but then I had to close it because market Always changes and something that works today, maybe won’t wok Tomorrow. All the business […]

Who I am